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Big Bore Drilling

Vacuum Debris Removal 

Our top of the line Vactor truck can vacuum out collection pits from storm drain cisterns to winery byproduct collection chambers. If you have built up debris from your operations we can vacuum it and remove it for you. The picture above shows us removing sand from a metal container. The powerful 8″ suction tube on our truck can be used in combination with the high pressure jet hose to break up debris and clean the inside of collection chambers. We have many years of experience in Vacuum debris removal removing a large variety of materials from hard to get to pits and cisterns. Materials we have vacuumed include: sand, raisin deposits, sewage, storm drain debris, winery byproducts and many other commercial by products. 

commercial lift station vactor

The picture above shows our crew removing raisin deposits from a 15′ deep pit. After all the debris is removed from the pit, we use the high pressure water hose to spray down the side walls and the pumps to get it extra clean.

Here is our crew removing mud from the Fresno State football field with the Vactor truck. A four inch water line blew and deposited mud on the field. Our crew worked hard and the field was cleaned up by game day that Friday night. Here is the link to the full article in the Fresno Bee . 

Our experienced Vactor truck operators have many tricks, attachments and tools to get the job done. Sometimes getting to the debris is a challenge. Here you see the crew using several tubes and fittings to get the suction tube to where it needs to be.