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Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Tank Pumping

Is your septic tank backing up? Call us and get it pumped today! Our friendly pump truck operators are septic experts who can get your tank pumped and your life back to normal quickly. Regular septic tank pumping is a key aspect of septic system maintenance

Why is My Septic Tank Backing Up?

Getting your septic tank pumped is the best way to asses the health of your septic system. When we open the tank and pump it we get a better understanding of whats going on in your system. Are there roots in the tank? Is the hang down clogged? Does water flow freely from the house to the tank? was the tank overfull? Is the leach line overfull? These are questions we find answers to when we pump the septic tank. 

Septic tanks can get backed up for a few different reasons. Pumping your tank every 3-5 years is the best practice to keep your septic system healthy. When the time between pumping exceeds this range, the amount of solids built up in the tank can cause some problems. When the tank becomes too full of solids, they can make their way out of the tank and into the leach line or drain wells. Solids in the drainage system contributes to the growth of a bio mat in the soil which greatly reduces the ability of the leach line or drain well to percolate water back into the ground. If your septic tank is backing up repeatedly over a short period of time the issue could be that your drainage system is in failure and additional drainage will need to be added. 

Roots are also a very common reason why septic systems start backing up. Tree roots seek out septic tanks and leach lines because of the moisture. Trees planted too close to a septic system can cause major problems. Roots can clog pipes or completely fill entire septic tanks over the years. 


Tank Sizes

The most common septic tank size is 1500 gallons. Some small 1-2 bedroom homes or cabins may have a smaller tank such as a 1000 gal or 750 but this is less common. Large homes with more than 5 bedrooms could have a 2000 gallon tank. 

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Digging Up the Septic Tank

We will be happy to dig up the septic tank for you to save you the time and back ache of shoveling. Septic tank lids are usually 2-4 feet below the surface. Some septic tanks have risers in which case little to no digging is required. The first compartment of the septic tank is where it needs to be dug up. Lids sizes can very. Common sizes and shapes are: 24″ diameter circle, 24″ X 24″ square, Wing lid crescent moon shape various sizes. 

Locating the Septic Tank

Property owners should keep a drawing of the septic system which would show the location of the septic tank. If you don’t have a drawing, contact your county office to see if one is available. If no drawing exists location is more difficult. We have special tools like probes and tracers that can help us determine your tanks location. Coupled with our extensive septic system knowledge, we are able to locate most septic tanks. 

Septic Tank pumping is our specialty, Call us today for a free quote!