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Big Bore Drilling

drill drilling drain well fresno ca coalinga bigbore drilling boring drain drainage septic sewage system commercial

This is our crew in action drilling a drain well in Coalinga for a drainage system. 


Vactor vacuum ag line irrigation clean cleaning fresno ca sand big bore drilling

Here is an example of us using our Vactor truck to clean sand out of agricultural lines in an almond orchard in the central valley. These lines were completely choked down with sand to the point that they were no longer usable. We blasted the sand out with our high pressure jet vac. as the sandy water was being expelled from the pipe we utilized the vacuum on the truck to suck the sandy water up and we dumped it out at another location. We were able to successfully restore this irrigation line to working order.


septic tank septic system engineered shaver lake fresno ca big bore drilling boom truck installation construction 1500 gallon

Here we are setting a 1500 gallon septic tank up at Shaver Lake California. This was a very close quarters job which required a lot of skill, experience, and planning. We were able to squeeze an engineered septic system into this very limited space for this beautiful new cabin. 


vactor hydroflushing hydro excavation vacuum debris removal fresno ca big bore drilling septic sytem drain clean jet

This is our powerful Vactor vacuum truck removing sand from a metal container for a water well drilling company. We used this truck to clean out this entire 40ft long metal bin so that they could continue the well drilling operation. Our Vactor truck has excellent reach and we are bale to control it by remote. 


septic system leech lines engineer fresno ca big bore drilling hard pan large system constructionHere is an example of an large scale residential engineered septic system with deep leech lines to provide adequate drainage for this area with a lot of hard pan. What you see in this picture are the long trenches called leech lines which are filled with 1 1/2 inch river rock surrounding a horizontal perforated pipe. This allows water to flow from the septic tank and into these trenches. The water then peculates through the rock and back into the ground. This job was done in Fresno CA.  


commercial septic system big bore drilling coalinga ca fresno distribution box drain well tank

This is an example of a large scale commercial septic system we installed in Coalinga ca. This septic system utilizes a 3000 gallon septic tank in combination with a large distribution box feeding 5 separate drain wells. 


Vactor sewer clean cleaning fresno ca sewage lines jet vac vacuum big bore drilling septic hydro jetter excavation

Here is an example of our Vactor truck cleaning the sewer line in the street. The high pressure hose is self propelled by the specialized bullet shaped jetter head which produces a cone of water. The metal jetter head is propelled down the line much like a rocket. When the hose is pulled back the cone of water pulls all debris in the line with it. The loosened debris can then be flushed further down the line or captured and removed completely by the powerful vacuum hose depicted in this picture over the top of the truck cab. (*The vacuum is not in use in this photo but can be used simultaneously with the jetter hose.)