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Septic Lift Station

Septic Lift Station

A septic lift station is used when a traditional gravity fed septic system is not possible. Lift stations can be used to put sewage from the house to the septic tank, or from the septic tank to the drainage system such as leach lines or drain wells. A lift station is a small compartment with a pump where sewage is collected and then pumped out. Pumps used in lift stations have floats on them which are triggered when the level of the liquid raises to a certain point. When the float is triggered the pump turns on and the sewage is pumped out of the lift station. 

We can install new lift stations as a part of a septic system and we can also service existing lift stations by pumping them or replacing the existing pump if it has stopped working. 

In the picture above, the lift station is the circular concrete opening next to the technician’s knees. Pumps were installed in that lift station which pumped the sewage to the septic tank above.  

Commercial Lift Stations

commercial lift station vactor

We also pump out large commercial lift stations that handle septic or other materials. Our powerful Vactor 2100 can pump materials regular pump trucks cannot. Large commercial lift stations often have debris in them that would clog a regular septic pump truck hose. The suction tube on our Vactor truck is 8″ diameter and can remove most debris from deep lift stations. After the lift station is clear, we can also utilize the high pressure hose on this truck to spray down the pumps inside to get them extra clean.