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Big Bore Drilling

Landscaping near and around septic systems is of concern to many homeowners. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to avoid planting trees near the tank or the leech lines. Tree roots are one of the primary reasons septic systems fail. Future access to the septic tank is also an important thing to plan for which means not planting or setting objects directly over the septic tank lid. Grass is the best thing to plant over the top of a leech line because it helps remove water without clogging the lines with roots. Paving over leech lines prevents them from working properly and reduces their effectiveness. 

Landscaping for a Mound System

A mound system is required if three feet of separation cannot be achieved with an in ground trench system. Mound systems are designed to maximize the absorption capacity of existing soil. Mound location, size, shape, construction procedures and maintenance of the mound all interact in determining how well the system will function. Placement of plants on and near the mound must be done with care to ensure a properly functioning septic system. Plants enhance the system by removing moisture and nutrients from the soil and providing cover to prevent erosion.