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Big Bore Drilling


Hydroflushing & Vacuum Debris Removal

We provide hydro flushing/hydro jetting services for large drain and sewer pipe lines up to 84“ diameter.This trucks’ powerful Hydro flushing hose can clean pipe sections up to 600 feet long to restore clogged pipes to working condition.

Hydro flushing uses high pressure water jets to break up blockages in pipe lines and blast the debris out of the pipe. The bullet shaped jet head spays a cone of water backward and penetrating jets forward. This spray pattern allows the head to propel itself through the pipe while breaking up and removing blockages. The video below depicts one of these jet heads in action. 

We have many different types of jet heads for different sized pipes. We even have rotating jet heads that can cut roots growing inside a pipeline. Below is a picture of our rotating root cutting jet head for large pipes. As the jet head spins, it rotates the chains at high RPMs. The chains cut through roots which are then blasted out of the pipe by the backward facing water jets. hydroflushing & vacuum debris removal vactor root cutting spinner head

We have many years of experience in cleaning many types of pipelines from a wide spectrum of commercial, Ag and governmental operations. Below is a picture of us cleaning an Ag irrigation pipeline that had become impacted with sand.