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Engineered Septic System 


An engineered septic system is a solution to a problem. Some properties have very limited space, poor draining soil, or high ground water issues that would cause septic problems if the system is not engineered to account for these factors. An engineered septic system ensures that the system will work properly for many years to come. 

Different soil types drain at various rates. The porosity and permeability of different soil types greatly affects how fast water is able to move through them. Porosity is a measure of how much of a rock is open space. This space can be between grains or within cracks or cavities of the rock. Permeability is a measure of the ease with which a fluid (water in this case) can move through a porous rock.

Soil types engineered septic system 

Engineered septic systems are designed based on the native soils’ ability to drain. A “Perc Test” or percolation test measures the rate at which water drains back into the soil. Below is a very informative video about perc tests and engineered septic systems. 

We work closely with local engineers who have designed many septic systems for our customers over the years. We would be happy to refer you to an engineer to help you with your septic project.