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Big Bore Drilling

This is an example of our crew drilling two 4 foot diameter holes for a large sign in Fresno CA. These holes created a strong foundation for the new sign promoting a shopping center and movie theater. The dirt that came out of the holes was scooped up by our backhoe operator and loaded into our transfer truck to be hauled away.

We provide boring & drilling service for holes 24″ to to 144″ in diameter, up to depths of 70 ft. Our experienced team can drill holes for: Foundation holes, Caisson holes, Elevator shafts, Conductor holes, Excavations, Drain wells, Sump wells, and Rat holes.


We are now providing small hole auger drilling. Small but powerful, our T870 is the largest Bobcat skid steer made and drills with a 50PH Bobcat Auger drive attachment. This set up is great for drilling tree holes and other small footing holes.