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City Sewer Hook Up 

City Sewer Hook Up Connection

We make the process of connecting to the city sewer as painless as possible. The abandonment of a septic system requires the tank to be pumped and back filled with sand. This ensures that it never collapses in the future causing injury or damage. If the septic system has drain wells or seepage pits, these also nee to be exposed and back filled. Leach lines need to be exposed to ensure no dry wells or seepage pits have been installed branching off of them. 

The city sewer stub out should be located just inside your property line near the street. After the abandonment of the septic system, we run a new sewer line from your house to the city sewer stub out. We can obtain permits and schedule inspections for you to make this as easy as possible. After final inspections, we back-fill all of our excavations. Give us a call today to get your city sewer hook up started!